Providing Certified, Secure, and Dependable Cloud Hosting to Optimize your IT Domain.

Bring Cloud Scale, Agility, Flexibility, Resiliency and Security to meet your Operational Demands. Take the guesswork out of infrastructure deployments, and data security of big data in environments such as, SAP HANA. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Backup as a Service (BaaS) solutions powered by NEC provide advanced data center and technological functionality to enable sophisticated off-premises computing allowing you to augment or replace your on-premises based infrastructure. Our clients benefit from the flexibility and faster time to-value of the private cloud with fully managed, enterprise-class solutions.

Trust in a Proven Solution

Our Partners. Your Team.

With a core competency in IT and SAP solutions, we are uniquely positioned with NEC’s block technology to integrate the optimal solution for our clients as a Service. Our approach and partnerships ensures that we can combine advanced processing, storage, and software defined networking into an optimal converged infrastructure, designed to meet a wide range of IT IaaS requirements. With NEC and Iron Mountain we are able to support demanding requirements with: NEC’s Express5800 Servers, NEC’s advanced SAN and Grid Based Storage Solutions, and NEC’s ProgrammableFlow.


Become Hands Off So You Can Be More Hands On.

Individual Needs. Remotely Managed.


Our team supports deployment and maintenance through acquisition, provisioning, installation and maintenance of the operating system, database software and operational/monitoring capabilities, including the installation and management of ERP software and all components needed to support the system. We provide comprehensive and proactive monitoring and reporting of system and network performance, system security, availability and other system metrics to align with your product needs. Our partnerships allow us to provide free assessments, migration, and proof of concept with all of the “In the Mountain services, including infrastructure monitoring and support.

Secure Your Requirements and Your Data

Privately Hosted. Uniquely Protected.

Providing the most optimal private hosting solution for security, compliance with Federal directives, high-resiliency, and strategic location, our partnership with Iron Mountain meets your demanding security needs. Located 220 feet below ground in a former limestone mine, the facility spans 145 acres and provides such natural advantages as low ambient temperature and geothermal cooling. Our partnerships with NEC, Iron Mountain, and SAP allows for the highest level of recognized security standards including: ISO 27001, FISMA High, PCI-DSS 3.1, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3, and DHS Level IV Facility Standards.


Scale Platforms on Demand

Adapt to Exceptions. Perform Exceptionally.


Ensure you meet RFP scaling requirements using proven sizing methodologies. Our solutions utilize advanced infrastructure technology, ensuring that the dedicated cloud environment delivers state of the art performance and functionality maintaining the competitive edge of the IaaS, PaaS, and/or BaaS.