EAGLE II | Functional Capabilities

Core Business Areas

Under DHS EAGLE II, B&A Team provides the full range of IT services, technical and management expertise, and solution-related enabling products under Functional Category 1 – Service Delivery, to meet the mission needs of the DHS. The services include:

Functional Capabilities within B&A’s Business Areas

Legacy System Modernization

CBP TECS Modernization Capabilities:

B&A is providing the technical and management expertise for the TECS Modernization program, through program/project management, architectural oversight, data management, and enterprise application development, incorporating the latest tools and technologies into CBP’s complex IT infrastructure to improve effectiveness and efficiency, reducing cost and time to market. B&A has been working in partnership with PSPD on the design of the modernized data structures and migration strategy since 2006. The normalized data model in the modernized TECS, also known as TECS MOD, eliminates redundant data storage and associated opportunities for errors and inconsistencies while supporting the demanding TECS performance requirements. B&A implemented a comprehensive Data Migration Strategy, which provided a repeatable process for migrating data from legacy Datacom tables to modern Oracle tables. This strategy includes prioritization of legacy tables, identifying table relationships, identifying table attributes, defining Oracle tables, creating ERD/LDM/PDM, creating ETL/CDC specifications, programming the ETL/CDC specifications, and testing the ETL/CDC specifications. Modernized data tables and fields are represented in a consolidated TECS Mod data model and documented in the TECS Mod data dictionary. Using this approach, B&A has successfully migrated over 250 legacy Datacom tables to Oracle as part of TECS Modernization, leveraging Informatica PowerExchange and PowerCenter.

The modernization of TECS is achieved through a series of incremental deliveries, each with a fall back strategy that minimizes risk of mission disruption and ensures continuity of operations. Focusing on the progression to a full SOA architecture where all TECS services are modernized, catalogued, and made available to any end consumer; the delivered modernization approach offers a fully scalable, extensible, and interoperable solution and promotes seamless integration across systems. Reporting and analytic capabilities are also being modernized with the Enterprise Reporting (ER) project, which provides standardized and ad hoc reports through a modernized reporting framework, leveraging Business Objects. Operational data from the modernized online transactional source database (Oracle Exadata) is Extracted, Transformed, and Loaded (ETL), using Informatica, to the Enterprise Data Warehouse where all reporting and analytic processing occurs. All new development initiatives comply with CBP’s Enterprise Target Architecture where Java/J2EE and Oracle are the core platforms, with enhancements being applied to legacy Cobol/CICS and Datacom.

CBP TECS Modernization Technologies


Customer Benefits: DHS Program of the Year Finalist (2014)

B&A has a strong track record of success in the modernization efforts at DHS CBP PSPD, moving over 5 billion records to its target environment and on schedule for completion by September 2015. The modernization of TECS has been achieved through a series of incremental deliveries, each with a fall back strategy that minimizes risk of mission disruption and ensures continuity of operations. Focusing on the progression to a full service oriented architecture where all services are modernized, catalogued, and made available to any end consumer, the modernization approach offers a fully scalable, extensible, and interoperable solution. Some examples of measurable success include:

Delivery Results

PeopleSoft Solutions

B&A PeopleSoft Capabilities:

B&A has teamed with clients at U.S. Census, Senate, Courts, and EPA to modernize human resource capabilities via the implementation of PeopleSoft technologies. In many cases, human resource and payroll activities were conducted using outdated hardware/software for which technical support was about to be terminated. Multiple manual and inefficient paper-based processes were time consuming and prone to errors. When data was entered electronically, it was often duplicated multiple times, resulting in cost and operational inefficiencies. The following B&A PeopleSoft projects are highlighted as examples of our client successes and demonstrate our wide capabilities:

Bureau of the Census United States Courts Environmental Protection Agency United States Senate
9.0 HCM Implementation; 9.2 Upgrade Underway with bolt-on SmartERP on-boarding and Everify in a virtual environment 9.1 HCM with Upgrade to 9.2 pending; Custom modules for HR Processing, Personnel Security, FEPS, Leave Tracking, Reporting 8.9 HCM; Absence Management go live 5/15; 9.2 Upgrade Underway for go live 7/16 9.1 HCM and EPM Implementation; 9.2 Upgrade Underway
Over 500,000 temporary employees paid weekly during decennial census Paying more than 33,000 employees in over 800 locations 16,000 employees using the Time Entry System for Biweekly Payroll processing Paying 7,000 employees semi-monthly
Modules: Recruitment, HR, Time & Labor, Payroll, Base benefits, and interfaces to multiple agencies Modules: North American Payroll, HR, Benefits, Time & Labor, Performance Management, eService Modules: Time & Labor, Absence Management Modules: HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Budgeting, Employee Self-service
Currently moving to a SOA environment Developed mobile version of HRMIS; full-scale deployment after 3 month pilot Custom bolt-ons for Labor Distribution and Furloughs Custom bolt-ons for Retirement, Cost of Living Adjustments and Furloughs

Customer Benefits:

Agile Development

B&A Agile Development Capabilities:

&A Agile capabilities incorporate and leverage best practices from the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), providing delivery solutions at the portfolio, program, and team levels. B&A is a Certified Scaled Agile Bronze Partner, with many disciplined Agile Leaders experienced in managing and leading agile teams for our government clients. These leaders have the CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and SA (Scaled Agilest) certification in addition to hands-on experience leading agile teams. As Lean Agile Leaders, we are equipped with the ability to provide training for Lean Agile, understand, teach and coach lean agile behaviors, and are trained in practice and tools of continuous improvement. B&A has successfully implemented Agile methodology within multiple components of the Department of Homeland Security, including CBP/PSPD, CBP/CSPD, USCIS/WLS, and USCIS/Risk and Fraud Support Services.

Agile Methodologies and Tools

Customer Benefits:

Delivery Results

RFID-Enabled Card and Document Testing

RFID-Enabled Card/Document Capabilities:

Card/document characteristics can change as requirements change and as manufacturers evolve production techniques or replace component parts. B&A provides performance testing of RFID tags and RFID-enabled cards/travel documents to ensure RFID document data is properly captured and identified, defective documents are identified early, database records are correct, and the entire RFID system performs optimally.

Proven RFID Testing Methodology:

Within its Research and Development Lab, B&A has expanded its RFID test capabilities with industry-standard, state-of-the-art test equipment. B&A determines the optimal RFID tagging solution for a specific requirement using standard, repeatable measurements and analysis. Once an optimal solution is identified, B&A follows up with rigorous pre- and post-production measurement and data analysis.

Customer Benefits

B&A developed the methods in use by DHS to certify all of the RFID documents for the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (now referred to as Land Border Integration) as acceptable for use at US land borders. B&A has been testing cards on behalf of CBP since 2008 for State Department, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the CBP Trusted Traveler Program, State and Canadian Provincial Enhanced Driver License programs, and the Indian Nation Enhanced Tribal Card programs. B&A is also contracted to test prototype documents for secure document vendors. B&A has demonstrated proven RFID testing methodologies, services, and capabilities while supporting the following DHS CBP programs:

Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)

Land Border Integration

TECS Modernization

DHS Results: