O’Brien Technologies, Inc.

In 2007, B&A began working with O’Brien Technologies (OBT) to support efforts to develop a speech generated device (SGD) and its ancillary web site. The founders of OBT wanted to create a SGD that would enable people with aphasia to communicate with their caregivers and other survivors. B&A has provided engineering and business management expertise to OBT. B&A helped to create the website that OBT customers will use to download specific data for their individual handhelds.

B&A served as the project manager and technical lead for the handheld project. The prototype of the handhelds and its website were introduced at a national conference of speech pathologist in November 2008. From February through March 2009, various user groups from the Kessler Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey and the Stroke Comeback Center in Virginia have been evaluating the handhelds. Both OBT and B&A are very pleased with the high marks for design, usability, and functionality that the handhelds have received.