The mission of CBP is to guard our nation’s borders, to protect our homeland from terrorist attacks, to enforce all immigration laws, and to enforce the laws of more than 40 agencies. With such a formidable mission, CBP is using the latest technology to support is mission. To assist in this mission, CBP maintains TECS. TECS provides data that CBP officers and other law-enforcement personnel use to conduct investigations, manage cases, make inspections, and gather intelligence.

TECS was established over twenty years ago. TECS supports over 32,000 users from more than 20 Federal agencies. The system is a mainframe-based application, processing over 2 million transactions daily. CBP is modernizing TECS to improve its capacity to support the CPB mission.

B&A is the prime contractor used by CBP with respect to this law enforcement system. Bart consultants have worked on TECS throughout the decades as consultants, systems engineers, software developers, project managers, and as managers of every stage of the software development cycle.