Innovating Secure solutions at the speed of change.

Understanding Your Needs. Adapting to Change. Reducing Time to Mission. Today’s fast paced environment expects results that are continuously delivered, constantly refined, and capable of meeting customers’ evolving needs. Our Agile Delivery maximizes the value delivery and promotes rapid and flexible response to change. We are a Certified Scaled Agile Bronze Partner, with many disciplined Agile practitioners that coach, lead, and implement agile best practices, providing delivery solutions at the portfolio, program, and team levels for our clients.

Produce Meaningful Outcomes

Build with Purpose. Deliver on Demand.

Customers expect results that meet their dynamic needs. Our Agile Delivery Solutions leverage design as a method to drive consistent results, continuously enhancing the user experience according to those changing needs, before a system becomes stale and the user becomes dissatisfied and disengaged.


Increase Productivity

Empower People. Embrace a Culture of Learning.


Identifying and communicating obstacles to progress is most effective with a team who is engaged, empowered, and have a feeling of safety. Without this, projects will fall behind and ultimately fail. Our Agile Delivery embraces a Lean-Agile mindset that is focused on delivering value to our customers.

Reduce Delivery Risk

Close the Loop. Fail Fast. Deliver Even Faster.

Don’t wait until the end of the software development lifecycle to get feedback from your customers. Aim to accelerate the feedback loop, turning ideas into products as quickly as possible, measure how people react, learn from their responses, and apply feedback within future cycles. B&A Agile Delivery embraces Lean and Agile best practices to provide faster feedback on products and processes minimizing the time between initial project investment and either failing fast or knowing that a product or an approach will work.


Increase Quality

Embrace Technical Excellence. Automate Everything.


Agile Delivery realizes these challenges and brings to bear technical resources who understand Agile and XP engineering best practices and an automation framework that aims to automate the entire deployment pipeline from inception to delivery, using techniques such as Behavior Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps to help ensure the highest quality delivery in the sustainably shortest lead time.